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Eric has a rich tapestry of experiences, drawing from careers in law enforcement and the US military and a deep love for all things sci-fi.  He brings depth and authenticity to his narrations, drawing from the intricate nuances of his past professions.

His law enforcement background not only informs his narrations but also infuses them with a unique perspective, adding layers of authenticity and empathy to each story he tells.  Eric captivates audiences with his engaging and compelling storytelling. 

With his insight into mystery, thriller, and police procedural/detective stories, Eric expertly navigates the realms of suspense and intrigue, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats until the very end. 

Beyond fiction, Eric brings his expertise to the realm of non-fiction, lending his voice to narratives that educate, inspire, and empower. Whether delving into true crime or exploring the complexities of the human experience, he approaches each project with a blend of professionalism and passion that is truly captivating.

When not recording from his home studio in Los Angeles, he can usually be found watching Star Trek reruns or performing acts of charity with the 501st Legion.


Fiction - Drama
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British Romance
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Legal Non-Fiction
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19th Century British Accent
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Dual Accent Drama
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