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Now retired from the heavily regulated world of Federal and State civil service, I get to live a life where I can be whomever and whatever the written page tells me.  Drawing from my 3 decades in law enforcement and the US military and a deep love for all things sci-fi, I have a big bag of tricks that I can reach into to bring every story I read to life.  

My professional life has given me unique insight into science fiction, governmental/political intrigue and police procedural/detective stories.  I can weave a thick tapestry of suspense, intrigue, adventure and danger, keeping my listeners on the edges of their seats until the very end. 

I also bring my expertise to the realm of non-fiction, lending my voice to narratives that educate, inspire, and empower.  Doesn't matter if its a tale of true crime or exploring the complexities of the human experience, I dive into each project with a blend of professionalism, passion and a pinch of playfulness!  I can even make that dry academic text sound interesting!  

When not recording from my home studio in Los Angeles, I can usually be found dressing up as Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper to perform at charitable events with the 501st Legion or watching Star Trek reruns until the Sun comes up.

Live Long and Prosper!

Drama/Horror - 3rd Person
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Drama - Multiple Characters
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Sci-Fi - Multiple Characters
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Non-Fiction - Factual
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Legal Non-Fiction - Educational
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Sci-Fi/Drama - 1st Person
00:00 / 02:09
Mythical - Multiple Characters
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